Weimu Face Recognition System

Application of independent research and development of the core algorithm, with ultra-high accuracy of the face recognition system

Strong Face Capture Capability

When the system is being used on Foveacam, it can show a clear face within 50 meters, and the clear body within 100 meters; Weimu Face Recognition System supports traditional IP camera as well. During the real-time face capture,it can automatically select from a set of faces belonging to the same person and only keep the one with best image quality for face recognition

Being Used On Multiple Scenes

Weimu Face Recognition System can accordingly adjust its algorithm model for different applications, such as face verification, surveillance, and access control system

Multiple Eextend Applications

Based on its proprietary and core technologies, which include algorithm, software and hardware, the Weimu Face Recognition System can not only provide solutions for security fields, such as Public security, Airport, Customs and Door access control of major sections, but also other kinds of fields like authentication, VIP identification and people counting and so on