Weimu Vehicle Big Data System

A new-generation vehicle feature analysis product based on deep learning technology, Weimu combines software and hardware, including online cloud service and offline SDK. It equips enterprises and related government departments with the best vehicle recognition technology

Detection and classification of multiple objects in complex scenes

Simultaneously detects multiple targets in complex scenes, and accurately differentiates among motor vehicles, bicycles, tricycles and pedestrians

Detection and recognition of partial cars

Detects and recognizes partially blocked vehicles or cars close to the edge of the image, independent of license plate information

Automatic recognition

Automatically distinguishes day/night, front/rear, without setting any parameter

Vehicle Type/Brand/Color Recognition

Recognizes 16 types of vehicles and over 3000 sub brands, and 12 colors, with daytime recognition rate>95%, nighttime recognition rate>90%

License Plate Recognition

Recognition rate>98%

Detection of In-car Objects

Detects annual inspection signs, sun-visor, tissue box, and pendant, with detection rate>90%