FOVEACAM is the first human-eye-like camera functionally inspired by fovea in the world


Weimu Vehicle Big Data System

A new-generation vehicle feature analysis product based on deep learning technology, Weimu combines software and hardware, including online cloud service and offline SDK. It equips enterprises and related government departments with the best vehicle recognition technology


Weimu Image Big Data Analysis System

Identifies duplicate-license cars and fake-license cars based on the stucturalization of key information such as vehicle type and brand;Locates suspects with structuralized information on human bodies and faces;Searches by images of suspicious cars and people, with structuralized information

Weimu Face Recognition System

Application of independent research and development of the core algorithm, with ultra-high accuracy of the face recognition system

Haomu Behavior Analysis System

Innovative security surveillance product that employs artificial intelligence

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